Keno Tournaments

Jump Into The World Of Keno Tournaments

In simple words, keno tournament is a chain of keno games involving players competing against each other. However, they do not bet or wager with their own money. In this type of tournament, you will be provided with certain amount of money that you have to use it throughout the tournament for betting. You can play as per your preference. For example, you can either choose to play or bet for 1 hour straight, or 10 minutes for 6 days. At the end of the keno tournament, player who gathers or earns the largest total is declared as the winner of the tournament.

Types of Keno Tournaments

When it comes to the variations available in keno tournament, there are mainly three types to mention about. They are –

Buy-in tournament: Like its name goes, in this tournament you will have to pay a certain amount of fees in order to participate. The number of games you can play depends upon the amount of money you deposit as an entry fee. You can even enter into this tournament with a small amount of money.

Catch all: In this type of keno tournament, you need to obtain each and every number mentioned on your ticket.

Catch zero: This sort of keno tournament is completely opposite to the last mentioned type. In this type, you have to make sure that you do not receive even a single number mentioned on the keno ticket.

Ball game: This is the most widely played keno tournament and is offered by most of the casinos, both online and land based.

Rules to Follow

The rules associated with keno tournaments are quite easy to understand.

First of all, if we talk about the amount of money needed to bet in keno tournament, it is determined by a point-weighing method.The tickets are numbered from 1 to 80. If the ticket is more complicated or tough to deal with, the player will be offered more fictitious money to play the tournament.

Thirdly, you cannot log into your account more than one time in a day to play in the tournament.Every player will get the same opportunity to grab the prize pool.

How to find the best ones?

These days, a lot of travel companies offer free tickets of keno tournaments and you can certainly utilize that opportunity. Apart from them, high rated casinos that host tournaments on regular basis usually send across newsletter to their members. So, sign up with them for free.