Roulette: Dispelling the Myths

Roulette is a game of which myths and legends abound. If you want to win at roulette, the best advice is that you should not take these tales seriously. What are the most common of these myths and legends? One of the most well known myths surrounding the game of roulette is that all the wheels used are identical:

This is categorically not the case; it is strange that so many people believe in this myth, when it is well known that there are different versions of the game played throughout the world, and even within the same casinos. One of these wheels has a single zero, and the other has a double zero in addition to the single zero. Equally, there are online variations that are played with different wheels, forms, sizes and colors- some unique to individual websites.

Next, the myth that not all the wheels are randomized:

This is simply ridiculous, it is not possible that every roulette wheel is not calibrated, and it is obvious that there is not an internal motor which dictates the number of rotations that the wheel makes in a spin cycle, thus causing some numbers to appear more frequently than others.

The number eight appearing three times in a row, or any other numbers of times in sequence- this is the nature of probability, it is only probable that a number will come up at a certain point, it is never a certainty.

Neither the wheel nor the ball have the capacity to dictate the number which is drawn, they are neither reflexive nor do they have memory.

Often people will believe that there is a method for fixing the wheel to ensure that the ball always lands on a certain color, but if the ball seems to land more favorably on one particular color, they will be convinced that the next throw will follow suit.

The information regarding the roulette online can be very informative for the debutant, and for those who have not been playing long. You need to hope that the ones you read are useful, and technical, enough for you to profit. Even though they can not guarantee that you will win, they should be enough to ensure that you do not lose too much.

The first piece of advice you should encounter is the preference for playing European Roulette: What is the difference between European and American roulette? European roulette consists of a single zero, but the American version adds an extra slot and an extra zero.

Even if this difference seems small and insignificant, the addition of an extra zero increases the advantage of the house by 2.63%. In the long run the casinos which use the American version of roulette will profit twice as much than those which use the European version (the American house advantage is around 5%, the European house advantage is 2.5%).

Next, avoid placing bad bets:

This is an important piece of advice for playing roulette online; one of the bets that is the least advisable when playing roulette is the ‘Corner' bet, which contains the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. By playing this bet you will give the house an advantage of 7.89%. It would be easier for everyone if you just handed over your money to the casino without playing anything.

If you want to win at roulette, you would do best to play in relation to the probabilities, for this you need to follow your instinct and bet according to how the game appears to be playing out, obviously there are no certainties but this may help a little.

Finally, vary your bets:

Varying your bets and focusing on certain sections of the roulette table is a good method of ensuring that you minimize your risks.

Emotions are one of the greatest problems for players in roulette, many people get carried away, tending to fall into patterns of choosing the same numbers and bets because they feel comfortable with them, if you find yourself doing this, you probably need to take a break.